GripXT - Heavy Grippers (100lbs-350lbs)


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GripXT Heavy Grippers

For many years, GripXT grip strength products have been a staple of grip strength training, from the gyms of Strongmen, weightlifters, fighters, and football players to everyday athletes of all sizes and skill levels. Nearly every measure of performance is affected by your ability to lock on, hold on, and maintain your strength, and GripXT Heavy Grippers offer a time efficient, customizable method for getting in the reps, seconds, kilos, and speed that translate into superior grip strength.

The GripXT Heavy Gripper training tools feature knurled, aircraft-grade aluminum handles with the highest standard springs on the market. These are not the old-school grip tools that require endless repetitive reps while sitting in the office or watching TV—they are precision engineered to develop maximum grip strength in minimum time.

There are 6 different gripper strengths to choose from, ranging from the GripXT HG 1 (100 LB of resistance for intermediates) up to the expert-level GripXT HG 6 (350 LB resistance). We are offering is also offering the GripXT Heavy Grippers in four available package options:

  • Men’s Set: HG 1 (100 LB), HG 2 (150 LB), and HG 3 (200 LB
  • Men’s With Grip Set: HG 2 (150LB), HG 3  (200 LB), and HG 5 (300 LB)
  • Advanced Set: HG 4 (250 LB), HG 5  (250 LB), and HG 6 (350 LB)
  • GripXT Heavy Gripper Complete Set: One of Every GripXT Heavy Grip


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