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About the product

GripXT Grip Strengthener comprehensively train every muscle group from the elbow down, especially the forearm extensors - the muscles that open your fingers. Strengthening these muscles alone improves grip. Normal gripping with dumbbells and barbells trains the muscles that close your hand, the flexors, and as these muscles become more and more out of balance with the extensors, your nervous system will shut down their development to prevent greater imbalance. Balancing these muscle groups will lead to better development of both muscles and your flexors can become stronger than ever. Therefore your grip as well.

We do not want to give medical advice here. In case of doubt, please contact your doctor first, as he can better judge your personal medical condition. However, in general, extensor training has been shown to have a positive effect on the healing of patients with tendonitis and tennis elbow in the past. However, we advise you not to let it get to that point.


The best use of GripXT Grip Strengtheners is regular training to prevent such injuries before they occur. A well balanced arm musculature is proven to be much less prone to this type of injury.

It basically depends on the purpose of the application, your goals and your Personal Fitness Level. For physiotherapeutic applications and injury treatment, it is generally advisable to start with the lowest level and slowly work your way up.

In general, however, even for the average person who hardly uses their extensor muscles, the green band is a challenge. With regular training, however, very significant training progress can be achieved after a short time. So we advise you to start with level 1 (Green) and then slowly work your way up to level 3 (Orange).

Our sets offer you the best price-performance ratio. To achieve an optimal result in terms of muscular balance, it is also recommended to include our Flexor Strengthener in the training.

Our GripXT ALL IN ONE SET includes Flexor and Extensor Strengtheners and offers everything you need to train your arm muscles optimally.

P.S. you can also influence the intensity of the exercise by changing the position of the bands on the fingers. If the bands are closer to the fingertips, the exercise is much more difficult. If you tighten the bands more towards the inside of the hand, the range of motion and resistance is lower. This way you can play with the intensity within the 3 resistance levels.

We recommend regular training with appropriate rest days between training sessions. 3-4 training sessions per week are optimal.

Please note that the position of your arm has an influence on the activated muscle groups and the intensity.

We distinguish in 3 different hand positions.

1. Pronated position (palm down)

2. Supinated position (palm upwards)

3. Neutral position (palm facing the body)

These postures can be combined with different arm positions.

1. Extended arm (pronated, supinated, neutral)

2. Bent arm horizontally 90° (pronated, supinated, neutral)

3. Bent arm vertically (upwards) 90° (pronated, supinated, neutral)

It is recommended that you incorporate these hand positions and poses into your sets in any combination.

Always perform the exercises slowly and in a controlled manner. At the point of maximum range of motion, hold for a secondbefore rejoining the fingers in a controlled manner.

We recommend 3 sets per hand per training session until muscular failure. Within the set, the positions described above can be varied as desired. Train the hands alternately.

You will feel the exercises clearly, which is intentional.

However, if at any time you begin to feel pain, stop the exercise immediately. If the pain persists for a long time, please consult a doctor.

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